Forty-Two years ago, a young Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident and friend of mine was the instructor of a men’s group who met in an old Presbyterian church on 43rd street in Houston Texas every Sabbath morning. Luckily, I was present on the day he presented the fascinating information you are about to enjoy.
This future physician had not only gathered a great deal of captivating data but presented it so well that morning that he left his listeners spellbound. Time passed and I came to know him well; unpretentious, strikingly handsome, tall, with a full head of dark brown hair, his hands and fingers were strong and graceful and could not only set a piano keyboard aflame with the music of Frederic Chopin and Ludwig Von Beethoven, plus deliver tiny babies into this harsh world safely, but in a touch- football game at a Father and Son’s Campout one weekend threw the football like Joe Montana.
Jonathan Hulme is the name of this humble and talented man. He is the father of eight children and twenty-four grandchildren but tragically at this time in his life he is battling Lymphoma. Back when I first met Jonathan, he was full of health and vitality and extremely busy with studies and a budding family. Back then he usually made hospital rounds on less than four hours of sleep per night, but excelled in his specialty, passing his boards with high marks. Yet during this hectic time he always presented well-prepared and detailed lessons in our weekly men’s meetings and especially so with the subject of this book.
What you are about to read was so intriguing that on the day Jonathan introduced the subject he had our men’s class sitting on the edge of our chairs with our eyes and ears wide open! My modest friend’s presentation included overhead slides and reprints from several experts on Hebrew text and in the several years since I have gathered additional supporting data from a host of reliable sources including the writings of Hebrew scholars, public records, the internet and of course, the scriptures themselves – the meat of which comprise this book.

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